Contact Me

Chatting and interviews to see if you’ll like me:

If you do not live in the city of Chicago, Illinois, or nearby, we can arrange an
initial evaluation and therapy via tele-web communication. If we decide that this is a great idea (and it can be), there are three initial requirements. One of the things I ask is that you be sitting on the floor, a chair or the sofa, like me. You can even be outside in the shade, if you like. The second thing is that everyone participating in the therapy has clothes on, naturally. And finally, everyone at home who is not a part of the therapy shouldn't be able to hear our conversation.

In terms of compensation for my time, I don't take much by way of insurance anymore but there are some exceptions. Not taking insurance is called fee for service, just like you pay your auto mechanic. It isn't all that different, my fee schedule, from that of your auto mechanic, actually. (Paypal works, as do credit cards)

I apologize in advance, but phone time is like office time. If you need time to talk to me between scheduled visits, we can talk about how to schedule that.

You may email me any time at

Phone Number and really reaching me:

(773) 274-1252 is the office voicemail and phone number.

Urgent calls, (773) 495-1187.

If you make your initial call on the weekends, be patient, I'll try to get to you before

If you're suffering an urgent matter or a life/death emergency and don't reach me, please
seek alternative resources like an E.R. or 911, whatever your local emergency number is.

Always leave a message with the best time to call, and leave me as many options as
possible. Please be wherever you say you are to take my call.

For a fax, use (773) 274-1252. If you have long insurance or disability
forms please don’t fax them. Bring them into the office. That’s where we’ll be filling
them out. I don’t do those without you right there with me, knowing what’s on paper.